As a way to provide comfort, well-being, and safety to all our senior citizens, Larhotel offers a diversified range of services.

Services included in monthly fee:


Permanent collective accommodation (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), with individual and double bedrooms.

Permanent Assistance

24h Assistance by specialized technical staff. All bedrooms have an emergency call button providing immediate assistance if necessary.

Video Surveillance

Larhotel is equipped with a video surveillance system, which guarantees the safety of the facilities and its customers.

Hygiene of the Accommodations and Facilities

Daily cleaning in order to keep all areas sanitised and comfortable.


All meals are prepared in our facilities, so as to meet nutritional needs and personal tastes of our senior citizens, while still ensuring compliance with medical prescriptions.

Hygiene and Comfort

All our senior citizens are provided with daily care customized to their specific situation of dependence.

Treatment of Clothes

Daily laundry and ironing services.

Medical Assistance

Weekly appointments with a General Physician, with a doctor in permanent contact with the technical team and staff of Larhotel.

Note: In terms of medical care, Larhotel has a noteworthy agreement with Monserrate Clinic, with the possibility of speciality appointments and clinical tests in the Larhotel facilities, upon payment of fees, without the need for our senior citizens to leave the facilities.

Nursing Services

Remain attentive to the general physical state of every person;
Evaluate and record blood pressure, heart rate and capillary blood glucose results;
Administer intravenously required medication;
Dress wounds;
Provide nursing techniques (catheterising, intubation, among other).

Medication Assistance

We manage, prepare and administer medication, according to medical prescription.

Pharmaceutical Care and Personal Hygiene Supplies

We facilitate the purchase prescription drugs and acquisition of toiletries (eg.: disposable briefs, incontinence diapers, shields, and other similar and personal products).

Preventive Therapy

We encourage general mobility, including walking
We provide: Daily activities training;
Coordination training;
Balance training;
Spatio-temporal orientation exercises;
Breathing exercises;
Cognitive and recreational activities for simple reasoning training.


Larhotel has a private parking for its senior citizens and family.

Religious Assistance

Provided whenever our senior citizens or their Family/Guardian requests it.

Scheduled Sociocultural Activities

These include:
Music Atelier;
Dance and movement Atelier;
Fine arts Atelier;
Photography Atelier;
Reading Atelier,
Table games Atelier;
Creative Expressions Atelier;
Gardening Atelier;
Video library;
Thematic activities;
Inter-generational activities with Vale Rosal kindergarten.


Extra Monthly Fee Services:

Rehabilitation physiotherapy

Subject to initial assessment. Intervention is carried out according to individual needs and medical prescription.

Hairdressing and beauty (manicure, pedicure, etc.)

This service promotes self-esteem and well-being.

Group tours and visits

Trips outside Larhotel promote interaction and well-being. These are not included in the scheduled social and cultural activities.

Medicine and Toiletries
Fees of medical specialists and special nursing services
Hospital expenses
Rental of technical aids


Other services:


We provide temporary accommodation for the rest of family/caregivers.
We help encourage adaptation of senior citizens to permanent housing.

Post-discharge convalescent hospital

We provide temporary accommodation for recovery treatments, surgery or any other situation that requires care and continuous monitoring.


At the request of the senior citizen or their family/guardian, services that are not covered above and are relevant for the senior citizen’s physical and emotional well-being, can be arranged.