Larhotel has a capacity for 37 senior citizens.

The facilities have central heating, air renewal system and slip-resistant flooring. These areas include:

  • Front desk;
  • Administrative area;
  • Medical and nursing surgery;
  • Physiotherapy room;
  • 4 Living rooms, 2 of which are multifunctional;
  • 20 Bedrooms;
  • Kitchen;
  • Dining hall;
  • Laundry room.

Photos: Panoramic view and of the different areas


Typology of the bedrooms:

Individual bedrooms (17,5 m2) or double bedrooms (18 m2), equipped with private bathroom, ergonomic furniture, automatic adjustable beds, anti -bedsore mattresses, non-flammable fabrics, telephone, panic/emergency button, cable TV and Internet.